Parable of a Donkey


One evening a donkey was boasting to his fellow donkeys about the events of the day.

"Do you know what happened to me today?" he asked. "I was welcomed into Jerusalem like you wouldn’t believe. There were crowds and crowds of people: children, men and women, young and old. They were all jostling along the road trying to see me. They were shouting ‘Hosanna’ and waving branches they had cut from the date palms along the way. They were even laying their cloaks and some of the palm branches on the road where I was walking. It was amazing."

"Why were you on the road in the first place?" asked one of the other donkeys.

"I was carrying the King," answered the first donkey.

"I see," replied his friend. "Did you consider the possibility that they were not actually seeing you at all but directing their praise and honour to
the King?"

"The true worker for God will do their best, because in so doing they can glorify their Master. They will do right in order to regard the requirements of God. They will endeavour to improve all their faculties. They will perform every duty as unto God. Their one desire will be that Christ may receive homage and perfect service."

Ellen G White, Ministry of Healing, 502.