He’s Alive


Last night I saw a [tweet by Josh Harris](http://twitter.com/harrisjosh/status/188937546397528064/ “He’s Alive”) last night talking about [Don Francisco’s](http://www.rockymountainministries.org/ “Don Francisco”) song [He’s Alive](http://www.rockymountainministries.org/free-mp3s/album/3-hes-alive-collection-vol-1.html “He’s Alive”). It brought back the memory of the first time when I first heard it, Dad was playing it on the record player and the only part I really remember is *“He’s Alive”*. It’s the sort of song that tells the story of the resurrection very well, while applying to us in every day life. It tells us that Jesus still love’s and accepts us even when we deny that we know him. Most impotently ***He’s Alive!***