Yet I will rejoice in the Lord.


I was leaning up my computer this evening when I found this and thought I had better put it some where better than my desktop! I can’t even remember where I found it or if/what I wrote! 😀

Yet I will rejoice in the Lord. - Habakkuk 3:18

Here is something to do when nothing else can be done. Habakkuk looked forward to war—war with a cruel enemy. He looked forward to famine—to the lack of everything. Everything might go—but God remained. He would rejoice, not necessarily in his circumstances, but in the God of his salvation, and he would hope in Him. No matter how dark the surroundings, one ray will always penetrate from above. We can always rejoice in the Lord.

—R. Sheldrake

O Lord! I would delight in Thee and on Thy care depend,

To Thee in every trouble flee, my sure, steadfast Friend.