Monthly Archives: August 2011

Have I got distracted?

I just ran across these notes that I wrote during this last AYC in February while I was sitting in the control room listening to the speaker, something he said made me start thinking. So here is the list of questions that I wrote down in the order that they came to me. Ask, and […]

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A new week!

The Sabbath is almost gone and a new week is before us – a week in which we have the opportunity to change the lives of those around us. The opportunity to share Jesus with someone, the opportunity to let someone know that Jesus cares for them & wants to walk with them through there […]

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Our family has been following with great interest each of the films that Sherwood Pictures have released since there very first one, “Flywheel”. Fireproof has been a real favourite of our family because the principles displayed are ones that apply to everything in life – not just marriage. We have loaned or given a way […]

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