I currently work at M:24 Media as Technical Director leading the Video, Digital Media, and Web departments. It's an adventure that keeps me very busy!

Our latest websites are The Prophetic Code event sites (event_name.tpcode.net) and the same system for The Last Empire events. These sites give the outreach programs a web presence and they don't need to build a site or try and find a domain name.

Some of the web sites that we've built are 1Accord a youth conference in Cairns, SAJEN Legal, a legal practice with a unique way of doing law. SAJEN DIG, SAJEN Accord and the new SAJEN Blog, and UMBOX

For the 1Accord youth conference M:24 Media did all the promotional, branding, and filming for the event. I oversaw the setup for the cameras and ran the video production (editing, recording, and problem solving) and advised the AV teams.

For two years (2011 and 2012) I worked at Katopra Design & Print, a small graphic design & print shop that is growing every day, serving a wide customer base in Southern New South Wales.

I have been the webmaster for Adventist Youth for Christ for four years developing/maintaining the site, and building the custom registration software for the conference.

My hobbies in my spare time are walking, nature photography, bush walking, bird watching & most anything outdoors! (When I can get outside!)